Save a Life Tofurkey Drive: Delivering plant-based(vegan) meals to families in need (in the Spokane, WA region) for the Thanksgiving holiday.

2022 Update: Our application is closed for this year. Thank you all who participated. If you applied, we have purchased all food and put the meals together.  All pick up meals are at Rosauers & Huckleberry’s, so yo may pick them up Today(Tuesday 11/22) or tomorrow. Go to the customer service desk to pick them up. We have 5 delivery meals to complete today too. We will call appx 30 minutes before delivering. Have a wonderful cruelty free holiday everyone.


We are back for our 9th annual event. We have partnered again with Daiya Foods and Huckleberry’s Natural Markets. If you or your business would like to sponsor the event, you may DONATE HERE or reach out to Thank you again for all the years of love and support.



Every November, Kind Living/INVeg provides vegan holiday meals to families in need. We want people to feel truly loved when they receive this feast. This event is supported 100% by the generosity of our local businesses & INVEG members.  All donations & sponsorships are tax deductible.

RECIPIANTS: After your apply, be sure to check your email near the date of the event. We do all of our communications through email due to the amount of people we serve. Pick up locations and times are sent via email near or on the day of the event.

We do our best to fill ever request, so you do not need to wait for a response for us. We do not contact everyone until after the closing date, Monday the week of the event.

Qualifications: Being a compassionate person/family who needs support to make Thanksgiving day special this year. We want to share with you this meal as a way to thank you for existing 🙂 You are helping us build a brighter world!


  • Please only request if you have 3 or more in your party, if you are an individual, invite friends over to share in the feast. Thank you!
  • We only can deliver in the Spokane City region so we will need people to meet with our volunteers inside of city limits if you are outside of the limits. If you need special accommodations, please email use at
  • We are asking people to pick up their feasts. If you are unable to pick yours up, please choose that option on the form.

Request a meal:

If you would like to request one of these meals please fill out our form with your name, how many people will be at your dinner feast and phone number. We will coordinate how to receive your meal on Tuesday the 24th and Wednesday the 25th of November. Please read over the inclusion list below and let us know if there is anything you do not want or need in the form.

Note: If we run out of meals (this has never happened in the history of the event), families with children receive first consideration. 

Each meal will include:

  • Turkey-Less Vegan Roast
  • Vegan Nog (SoDelicious Coconut) – Limited Availability
  • Green Beans
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Vegan Butter
  • Rolls
  • Spiced Cider (Trader Joe’s)
  • Gift from Valley Grocery Outlet
  • Special Gift from Daiya


  • Gentle Pumpkin Pie (Recipe)
  • Daiya New York Style Cheesecake
  • Costco Apple Pie

Examples of past year’s feasts

Brands may vary from images below.

Our Wonderful Sponsors!


 Spokane Valley Grocery Outlet



Thank you to Huckleberry’s, Animal Advocates & South Hill Trader Joe’s for the financial support of this event!!!


Pumpkin Pie!!! – We are again producing homemade vegan pumpkin pies this year. If people want to help Josh make pies, email him. We use The Gentle Chef’s pumpkin pie as the base of our recipe. It is the most delicious pumpkin pie on earth!!! 🙂

RECIPE: Here is the recipe we developed over the years:

Gentle Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Photo Credit: Kona the turkey at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary. You can learn more about him on his Facebook page:

Note: We chose to name this a Tofurkey drive instead of using the brand name Tofurky. We love Tofurky but we did not want to steal their trademark. We have no relation or connection to Tofurky.