Spokane Vegan Food Shopping Guide – Grocery Stores

We’re all familiar with vegan food because it’s just that – food! Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, beans, grains, and spices are the foundation of healthy and delicious living. They’re foods that we grew up eating though likely as contemptable, bland, side dishes. Use this guide to find vegan food in Spokane and then head to the kitchen where the magic happens. We think you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to find food you’ll love. Happy compassionate shopping!

huckleberrys-logo-spokaneHuckleberry’s Natural Market

Huckleberry’s is Spokane’s original health food store. It opened in 1996 before the food revolution began. Today it is still the main health food stop for most in Spokane who are looking for organic produce or unique specialty items. Over the past decade, Rosauers has added Huckleberry’s branded their health food sections into their grocery stores so there are many locations throughout the region. Visit their location page to find one near you. They offer a large selection of plant-based milks, cheeses, ice cream, meats and so much more! They also have a really great bistro at their original location. Huckleberry’s has been a key sponsor of Spokane VegFest in years past.
926 South Monroe Street · 509.624.1349

Main-market-logo-spokaneMain Market

Main Market is Spokane’s Co-Op. They have a great selection of fresh produce and a deli/bistro that offers a few vegan options. Main Market is placed next to Boot’s Bakery and Lounge in the heart of Downtown Spokane.
44 West Main St. · 509.458.2667

rocket-market-spokane-invegRocket Market

Hidden in the heart of Spokane’s south hill of is this gem of a market. Not only is Rocket Market probably the smallest market in Spokane, originally it was a small car repair shop, but it also has one of the best selections of hard to find vegan goodies such as Miyoko’s Kitchen Cheese and Follow Your Heart products including the VeganEgg. They also have a few vegan items in their deli case including the delectable vegan carlito. We highly recommend checking it out.
726 e. 43rd. · 509.343.2253

 Trader Joe’s Guide

Vegan mozzarella, anyone? How about burritos, burgers, cookies, sausages, and chicken-less and beef-less strips? Trader Joe’s carries an impressive inventory of goodies. They offer a very detailed list of all of their vegan items, Trader Joe’s Vegan Guide.
2975 E 29th Ave, Spokane, WA 99223 · 509.534.1077
5520 N Division St · 509.487.4188

grocery-outlet-logo-inveg-spokaneGrocery Outlet

You will find something different every time you go there. They regularly have vegan items such as yogurt, Field Roast Chao Cheese, Earth Balance, kale chips and so much more. Currently, there are 4 locations in Spokane. Each store is independently owned.
Downtown · 1617 W 3rd Ave · 509.624.4222

NorthSide – Often has very good selection of natural and vegan items.
7810 N Division St · 509.484.4850

4210 E Sprague Ave · 509.535.9999

Spokane Valley – Also has a spectacular selection. The owner strives to support the vegan community.
12115 E Sprague Ave · 509.703.7185


Winco is an employee owned supermarket which is known for treating their employees very well and offering prices that compete and regularly beat Walmart. Their bulk section is their main claim to fame, for the vegan community. They have a huge bulk section that has the lowest prices in town for most items in it. Cashew pieces for making plant-based cheeses is a good reason to visit. They also have a good selection of plant-based meats including Boca and Gardein. Again the prices are the lowest in town.

There are 2 locations in Spokane and they are always open 24 hours:

NorthSide · 9257 N Nevada St · 509.321.2256

Valley · 9718 E Sprague Ave · 509.321.0788

natural-grocers-spokane-logoNatural Grocers

Natural grocers came to Spokane in early 2016 and has given us a great new option for food. They are a traditional health food store with a large supplement and cosmetic section. They have a wide variety of plant-based foods including vegan cheese, meats, and milks. A few brands that they carry are: Miyoko’s Kitchen, Field Roast, Snackrilege, Victor’s Hummus and so much more. We highly recommend checking them out. They also have a great gluten-free section with reasonable prices.
4603 N Division St · 509.489.9900

Adventist Book Center

 ABC is a store run by the 7th Day Adventists, a religious group which promotes vegetarianism. It is 1/2 Christian bookstore and 1/2 vegetarian grocery store. They have a wide selection of plant-based meats ( some contain egg and milk, so read the labels), dry goods, soy curls and much more. You do not need to be a member of their church to purchase goods at their store. They are closed Friday and Saturday.
3715 S Grove Rd · 509.838.3168

Ethnic Foods

Best Asian Market(Formerly Bay Oriental Market)

Best Asian Market is one of the oldest Asian markets in Spokane. They have a great selection of fresh produce, grains and everything else you might want to add into an Asian dish. They have jackfruit in cans with syrup or brine for your jackfruit sandwiches, they also regularly get fresh jackfruit in stock. They have a huge frozen section of “vegetarian” items but most of them are vegan.

2022 E Sprague Ave · 509.534.9300

Asian World

Asian World is centrally located on the north side of Spokane. They have a great selection for their smaller sized store.
3314 N Division St · 509.327.2899

We plan on creating guides for each store sometime.