Vendor List 2015

inveg-pdf-logoIf your business or organization is interested in participating in Spokane VegFest 2015, please fill out the vendor packet. You can download it here.

We would like to thank all of the Vendors and Sponsors for Spokane’s 2015 Vegfest. Without your support we would not be able to make this happen.

Miyoko’s KitchenMiyoko’s brand new cheese company is the title sponsor of Spokane VegFest 2015. Here is a quick bio on the company: We hope to be able to answer that call with the most delectable whole-foods, plant-based cheeses in the world! Miyoko’s products were created by Miyoko Schinner, who embarked on a mission to recreate the range of flavors and textures she had once enjoyed from dairy cheeses before becoming vegan. Several years of experimentation culminated in the publication of her groundbreaking book, Artisan Vegan Cheese (Book Publishing Co., 2012), which she hoped would inspire others to make their own.

aunties-bookstore-Spokane-vegfest Auntie’s Auntie’s Bookstore is Spokane Vegfest’s Official Bookstore. Auntie’s Bookstore has been Spokane’s premiere locally owned bookstore since 1978. Located in the heart of Downtown Spokane in the liberty building, they house over 50,000 new and used books. They also regularly bring authors to Spokane from around the world for readings and book signings. Their website catalogs their complete stock of books where you can buy online or pick up in store. Check out their website, facebook and Calendar of Events. Auntie’s will be providing books for sale during Vegfest.

V-Dog – V-Dog is a very exciting vegan dog food company. They believe in love for all animals and that is why they have produced a completely plant-based line of dog food. They have done extensive research and found that dogs are perfect omnivores and they thrive on high protein, nutritiously balanced plant-based diet. With 80 million dogs in the US alone, a vegan dog, like a vegan human, leaves a much smaller paw print on our planet. You can learn more about V-dog at their website and Facebook page.

Victor’s Hummus – Winner of Best Locally Produced Food Product in CDA Living Magazine, Victor’s Hummus is both delicious and the lowest calorie hummus on the market and distributed in the four state area of the Inland Northwest. 100 Hummus flavors at Cafe MAC is their new theme in anticipation of the upcoming centennial. Visit them at Cafe MAC to taste future flavors. Learn more at their website and Facebook page.

Beanfields – A family owned company, Beanfields chips have not only won numerous taste awards but they offer incredible nutrition as well. Beanfields chips are a complete protein with fiber, minerals, and complex carbohydrates without the fat, GMO’s, and allergens found in other chips. They also focus on environmental sustainability, food security, and personal health. When these values, nutrition, and taste combine, you have the perfect snack. Learn more at their website and Facebook page.

The Herbal Family – Based out of Colville, WA, Liz Bunting is a certified Family Herbalist, Nutritional Herbologist, Instructor, and founder of The Herbal Family. She instructs people how to use medicinal herbs and plant-based foods to cleanse and nourish for: weight loss, allergies, arthritis, heart disease, pain, injuries, hormonal issues, depression, diabetes, and more. Learn more at her website and Facebook page.

GoodBelly – GoodBelly is a delicious probiotic drink that contains live and active probiotic cultures. GoodBelly probiotic drinks are always dairy-free, soy-free, kosher certified, and vegan. Just right for those of you who experience digestive upset from common food sensitivities and for anybody who loves the refreshing taste of juice. Their GoodBelly + offers 20 billion live and active probiotic cultures per serving. Learn more about GoodBelly and the science behind probiotics by visiting their website and Facebook page.

Thrive – Thrive Freeze Dried foods allows you to keep high quality food on your shelves for up to 25 years. Use their freeze dried grains, vegetables, and fruits just as you would fresh ingredients. Thrive products use only the highest quality ingredients and are easy to prepare. Enjoy samples at Vegfest and learn more about Thrive by visiting their website and Facebook page.

Tofurky – At Turtle Island Foods, their Tofurky and tempeh products are formulated to promote the health and vitality of both the consumer and the planet’s ecosystems. They strive to have a “clean label,” using ingredients that are easily understood. Everything is made in small batches, using only the finest ingredients, and they go the extra mile to maintain the taste and integrity of our products. Enjoy a variety of foods like: hot pockets, tempeh, sausages, deli slices, grain roast with gravy, and much more. Learn more by visiting their website and Facebook page.

Main Market Co-op – Spokane’s only co-op, Main Market is a not for profit organization dedicated to supporting local and organic producers and educating our community about the benefits of both. As supporters of sustainable business and agriculture, they endeavor to provide excellent food selection and world-class customer service while using less of our community’s resources. You’ll find organic produce, a large bulk section, bistro, many natural foods and personal care products, and more. Enjoy a beer in their beer garden right in the heart of Downtown Spokane. Learn more about Main Market Co-op by visiting their website and Facebook page or drop in at 44 West Main in Spokane, WA.

Yoke’s Fresh Market – Yoke’s is a local employee-owned grocery store chain established in 1946. There are currently 11 stores – three in Tri-Cities, two in Idaho, and 6 in the greater Spokane area. You’ll find an abundance of fresh and organic produce, a large array of vegan and gluten free foods, natural personal care products, and much more. Learn more about Yoke’s Fresh Market by visiting their website and Facebook page.

Eala Ruby Heart – Eala Ruby Heart is a Licensed Massage and Energy Practitioner. She offers an intuitive blend of Bodywork, Energy Balancing and Massage to support health, promote healing and restore harmony. Meet Eala and discover how the art of touch can benefit you. Mini-sessions available!

doTERRA Essential Oils –

Tower Garden & Juice Plus – Tower Garden simplifies traditional gardening, using a unique vertical garden system that makes it easy to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables at home. These towers are dirt-free, self-watering, and grows produce twice as fast. Also learn about their Transform 30 day challenge using whole food. Learn more at their website.

Mercy For AnimalsMFA works to create a society where all animals are treated with the compassion and respect they so rightfully deserve. They serve as a voice for animals through proactive consumer education initiatives, cruelty investigations, corporate outreach, and legal advocacy. To learn about their hard work and incredible accomplishments visit their website and Facebook page.

PETA – The largest animal rights organization in the world, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals focuses their attention on the four areas in which the largest number of animals suffer the most intensely for the longest periods of time: factory farms, laboratories, the clothing trade, and the entertainment industry. They work through public education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, special events, celebrity involvement, and protest campaigns. Learn more at their website and Facebook page.

Action For Animals – Action for Animals is an educational organization that works to promote positive change in the ways people view and treat animals. Because every animal has the right to live his or her life free from oppression and exploitation, AFA promotes a vegan diet and lifestyle—not using animals for food, clothing, entertainment, research, trade, or any other objectifying purpose—and vegan activism as the best way to take action for animals. Learn about this organization and about veganism by visiting their website and Facebook page.

Rabbitron – A non-profit organization based out of Spokane, Washington, founder Tracy Martin educates the public about how to care for misunderstood house rabbits. She does this through her website and a yearly media campaign where they put up billboards, make newspaper ads, and a TV public service announcement to education people to not buy rabbits at Easter. Also follow her on Facebook for updates on her own rabbit rescues.

River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary – River’s Wish provides care and permanent sanctuary to neglected, abused, homeless, and older animals in need, promotes kindness and compassionate lifestyle choices through humane education, and adheres to the House Rabbit Society philosophy in care and adoptions of rabbits. This 501c3 non-profit resides on 65 beautiful acres in Spokane County and houses 200 animal rescues including cats, rabbits, horses, donkeys, chickens, turkeys, pigs, and more. Learn more about what they do and how you can help by visiting their website and Facebook page.

Canines vs Cancer – An organization that honors dogs and helps kids battling cancer. Their yearly advent, their 5K run/walk, includes working dog demonstrations, pet blessings, a doggie fashion show, contests, games, live music, a silent auction, raffles, food, vendors, and adoptable animals. Learn more by visiting their website and Facebook page.