INVEG Mentor Program

INVEG-Vegan-mentorship-programOne of our goals when creating INVEG was to create a mentor program to give veg-curious locals the support they need when transitioning to a more healthful way of life. Everyone experiences different things but often the process is very emotional. We are pairing up volunteer mentors with locals that will make the process much more comfortable and understandable. If you want to become a volunteer mentor for the program please click here.

What does the program involve:

  • Introduction to vegan shopping. Your mentor will take you shopping at local grocery stores to open your eyes to how
  • You will have someone to call or text when you need. Examples are:
    • Needing ideas how to veganize a dish for a dinner.
    • Where to get a can of jackfruit for a new pulled jackfruit recipe.
    • Just need someone to talk to when going through the emotional rollercoaster that is living life as a vegan.

Do you want an INVEG Vegan Mentor to help you start your journey ? Please fill out the form below, if you have issues please email

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There is no cost involved with the program. You may make a donation to INVeg on our membership page but it is not an obligation. INVeg is a 501c3 and so all donations are tax deductible. All we ask is for participants to keep an open mind and be patient with themselves and their mentor. We, humans, make mistakes. Please be okay with making mistakes because you will probably accidentally eat an item which you regret but be okay with the mistake. Be honest with yourself and share your honest feelings with your mentor. We might not always have the answer but we will do our best to find it. This program is staffed by volunteers who are wanting to help you and the planet.

Getting Started

We also ask all program members to watch the following films before starting. The reason is that these 3 films cover many of the basic questions about health and the planet.

Forks Over Knives, Available on Netflix – Forks Over Knives is a documentary based upon the profound works of Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn who are 2 of the pioneers in the plant-based movement. The film covers much of what is discussed in the book The China Study. You will understand much more about your own health and how our society became so disease ridden over the past 50 years.

Cowspiracy – Available on Netflix – One of the most comprehensive films on the animal agriculture industry and how it has shaped our world.

PlantPure Nation (Optional) – Available on Netflix – This is the sequel to Forks Over Knives.  The producers go deeper into the industries relating to the health industry looking for answers to why our disease epidemic came to being.

Read The China Study and How Not To Die (Optional but highly recommended). These books will give you a much greater understanding of how to take control of your life and feel great!

Volunteer Mentor

How can I volunteer to Mentor? We require all INVEG Mentors to have been living a plant-based/vegan life for at least 2 years. We also need people who are willing to support their mentee for at least 3-5 hours a week. You need to be available to talk on the phone, text and or email. At least one if not more shopping trips with the mentee is required. If you would like to volunteer please email us at