Why Vegetarian is Not Enough

This is a very big topic today. Many people  feel that being a vegetarian is good enough and they believe that they are really making a difference in the world. Sadly this is incredibly far from the truth. The reality is much more sad then most would realize. It took me 18 years of being a vegetarian to finally wake up and all I can say is I truly wish i had done it MUCH sooner. The biggest issue is that animals whose secretions are used for humans such cows for their milk and chickens for their eggs live miserable and very short lived lives. For a cow they live on average of 2-3 years  or until their milk production slows down and then these cows are now sold off for slaughter, so basically us vegetarians just subsidized the growth of a animal for slaughter. These cows live often worse lives then their purely meat counterparts. They are required to be hooked up to milking machines nearly all the time which causes countless health concerns( a large amount of what is in milk is puss from the cows infected utters.) Another thing that most humans do not think about is that for a cow to be producing milk they have to be pregnant, this means about every 3 months the dairy cow gives birth and gets a few minutes with her new child. This offspring will then be shipped off to a veal crate and live a few months before it is also murdered.

Chickens: Chickens live very similar lives to that of cows. They are normally confined into very small cages or if they are “free range” then thousands of them are packed into rooms where they often do not have room to move around. These chickens lay eggs for again 2-3 years and then they are sent off to slaughter. The offspring