Unity Spiritual Center in Spokane Washington has generously chosen to host the first 4-week course on plant-powered living taught by INVeg members Josh Meckel, Elyse and Eric O’Grey. We hope that this will be the first of many times this class is taught in the community.

Overview of event: Do you want to have more energy, require less sleep and attain your perfect form? Plants can solve so many problems.  Ever wondered why you feel that you cannot live without cheese or why you feel you need protein? These topics and much more will be explained during the INVeg Plant-Powered Living Class.

In 2 weeks, we will be starting a 4 week Intro to Plant-Based living class at the Unity Spiritual Center on the south hill. The class will be taught on a donation-only basis and will cover why a plant-based diet is optimal for your health and the planet. The power of plants is unmatched in reducing and preventing common health issues in the developed world, such as heart disease and diabetes. We will be exploring many fascinating studies from renowned medical professionals, facts about the benefits of healthier eating and the dangers of the standard American diet. Eating a whole-foods-plant-based diet can be surprisingly easy and delicious. There will also be a cooking demo component to the class, including both simple food replacements and whole-food healthy recipes. The first class is on Tuesday, May 17th at 6:30PM. If you or someone you may know would be interested in this course, sign-up is available on the facebook event page.

Unity Spiritual Center is located at:
2900 S Bernard St
Spokane, WA