Spokane-Vegfest-billboard-2016-date-changedWe have some Spokane VegFest 2016 news. 2 weeks ago we learned that the South Perry Fair and Parade decided to return to the 3rd Saturday in July date which they took a hiatus from for the past 2 years. After talking with them we decided it was better for organizations if we moved our event to the 4th Saturday in July, the 23rd. We did not want to force people or vendors to choose between these two great events. We have also been researching to verify that there are no large city wide events that conflict and our friends at The Inlander just confirmed that the date of the 23rd is currently open. We would have picked this date originally if we had known it was available.

We spent the past 2 weeks discussing the change with our speakers Gene Baur, and Rich Roll. Both are available for new date. One other really exciting note is that the 23rd is Gene’s birthday and he is excited to spend it with us in Spokane!

So we want everyone to know that we have officially changed the date from the 16th to the 23rd of July and we will now be updating all online calendars. If you see the previous date on a calendar, would you please contact us so we can get it updated.