wsu_logoWe wanted to share this incredible press release from our friends at WSU!

Pullman, WA
Last year, Washington State University’s Director of Dining Services, Gary Coyle hired Dietitian Alice Ma, who just happens to be vegan.  Dining Services is looking to Ma to make vegan and vegetarian options more readily available to students.   At the recent All Campus Picnic, the menu consisted of bbq beef brisket, bbq chicken, bbq lentils, and Gardein BBQ Chick’N.  Students, staff and faculty attending the event could choose dishes that fit their dietary needs.  According to Hannah Bogen, a Junior majoring in Math and Computer Sciences, “Not only did Dining Services offer a wide variety of tasty food, but they went out of their way to offer many vegan options. I am very thankful to go to a school where the Dining Services are extra cautious about students’ needs.”
Recently Ma welcomed vegan pizzeria chef and owner Atania Gilmore from Spokane’s Allie’s Vegan Pizzeria to Pullman to give a demonstration to the WSU Dining Services’ chefs.  States Ma, “Dining Services strives to be inclusive of special dietary needs and to listen to what students want to see more of in the Dining Centers.  We know that plant-based diets and eating less meat are growing trends.”  Dining Services is committed to meeting customer demand, in addition they are aware of the positive impact that vegan diets have on the environment and animal welfare.  According to Ma, “Over the course of a year, one person following a vegan diet can save hundreds of animals, reduce water usage by over a million gallons, and prevent 1.5 tons of greenhouse gases from being emitted.”  Ma emphasized, “It’s a common stereotype that vegans are limited to just tofu and vegetables, and having a variety of tasty and filling options can demonstrate just how possible it is to eat fewer animal products.
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